Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Doan Update: Sabres make offer

August 22, 2012
There has not been any Shane Doan related news in a while.

The last thing reported on this blog was that the Flyers are still in the mix for the free agent, despite a supposed "top three list" that cosnsisted of the Rangers, Penguins and Canucks.

However, ESPN's John Buccigross broke new details on the free agent's drawn out proccess via Twitter.

  • John Buccigross@Buccigross
  • Was told tongiht that Buffalo''s four year, 30 million dollar offer to Shane Doan is legit. Coyotes only want to go two years for now.
Buffalo is a new team to enter the Doan sweepstakes, but's James O'Brien writes that the deal would have a cap hit of $7.5 million, should Doan accept the offer.
The cap hit would be the highest on the Sabres' roster.
The 35-year old forward has made it known that staying with Phoenix is his first choice, and he has continued to wait for the Coyotes to sort out their ownership situation. Even though prospective buyer Greg Jamison still has work to do before he can own the team.
But with the possibility of a lockout, should a new CBA deal not be reached by the time the current one expires on September 15, one has to wonder when Doan will make a decision.
This article, admitedly, does not have much involvement with the Flyers. But since they are one of the teams trying to sign the free agent, it seems appropriate to acknowledge it.

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