Monday, July 30, 2012

Welcome to 215 Hockey!

Dear Reader,

215 Hockey officially launches today, and I welcome you to check out all the news this blog will have to offer on the Philadelphia Flyers. It is the offseason, but the Flyers have made plenty of noise in free agency, and all signs show that they are not quite done yet before the start of the season (if the CBA negotiations allow the season to start). I plan to update this blog daily and hope that this blog will ultimately become a reliable source for your Flyers related news. I promise to update this blog when a new story presents itself as soon as possible. However, there are some things you should take into consideration when I say that. First of all, I am an incoming college freshman, so I expect that school will be taking up quite a bit of my time. Also, I have a job that keeps me away from a computer. At times it will get tough, but I will do what I can to keep readers updated with all that goes on with the Flyers. This is not the first time that I have kept blogs on Philadelphia Sports Teams. Previously, I ran a series of blogs under the name On the Board Philly, but I had to stop due to some personal issues I had to work out. After I resolved these issues, I decided to start fresh rather than going back after a long absence. Then 215 Sports was born. You can still check out On the Board Philly at these web addresses:

In fact, I encourage you to check out those blogs. Although they are outdated, they provide a good example of how this blog, and the rest of 215 Sports, will be maintained. I am not doing this for money or fame, this is just a labor of love from a die-hard Flyers Fan.

Lets Go Flyers!
- Nick

P.S.- Also, check out 215 Baseball for your Phillies news, and the 215 Sports homepage