Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Shane Doan Update

August 8, 2012
More news arose on where Shane Doan will sign, and yet it is still not any clearer on what team he will choose.

Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News writes that the Rangers are now a favorite to the sign free agent.

However, Doan still wants to remain with the Phoneix Coyotes as his first option, and continues to wait to see if prospective buyer Greg Jamison can get the investors and the money to buy the team.

Leonard writes that Jamison had a July 28th deadline to convince Doan to stay, but extended it because Doan is hesitant to move his family from Phoneix.

This is where things get interesting.

Leonard continues to write that a team that is not the Rangers made a four-year offer to Doan, and it will pay him over $7 million per year.

Other than the Rangers, Doan only visited the Flyers and the Vancouver Canucks. However, the Pittsburgh Penguins are also rumored to be in the mix.

There were also reports that Doan narrowed down a list of three teams (Penguins, Rangers, and Canucks) that excluded both the Coyotes and the Flyers.

But, Doan's agent Terry Bross said, in an e-mail to Andrew Dintino of Philadelphia Flyers Nation, that the reports of a three team list are false and the Flyers are still in the mix.

The 36-year old Doan appears to want to stay in Phoneix after waiting, and continuing to wait, this long.

However, hearing that the Flyers are still in the mix from Doan's agent leaves hope that Doan may just choose orange and black. That is, should things not work out in Phoenix.

And who knows? Maybe the Flyers were the team that made the offer.

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