Friday, August 17, 2012

Flyers have best uniforms according to NFL writer

August 17, 2012's Dave Dameshek decided to do a countdown of the best pro uniforms in sports for 2012.
Dameshek's countdown consists of a list of 122 teams in the four major professional sports, not just the NFL.
The Philly teams faired pretty well on his list, especially the orange and black.
So well in fact, that Flyers Nation tweeted about it.
Below are the pictures Damshek used in his countdown, as well as the reasons (in his words) for why each Philly team is placed where they are in the countdown.
 51. Phillies: I understand the history behind these, and I kind of like the blue star set inside the "P" ... but the overall look is too close to that of an ice cream man. Sorry, Philly fans, I'll see if I can make it up to you later.

50. Eagles: The current green-with-black-trim uniforms are good. Their gray-panted Super bowl XV uniforms were better. The getups from the team's 1960 championship season, which they broke out again 50 years later to start the 2010 season, are the best.

31. 76ers: The red-and-black unis worn during the Allen Iverson years were questionable, but the Sixers have since answered critics with this more timeless look.

1. Flyers: In the name of full disclosure, I am not a Flyers fan -- matter of fact, they're my least favorite team in sports -- but dang if those orange and black getups don't sing like Kate Smith in the Spectrum before a playoff game. They're paradoxically straight out of the 1970s and timeless all at once. Kudos, you dirty creeps. Might this be the only thing you win for another century.

Now, I strongly disagree with Dameshek's last two sentences about the Flyers.

However, I am happy to know that he swallowed his pride and put his disdain for the Flyers aside to acknowledge that they have the best uniforms in sports.

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