Friday, August 17, 2012

Flyers create internship to honor Jessica Redfield

August 17, 2012
The Flyers announced today that they have created a scholarship in honor of Jessica Redfield, a 24-year old sports journalist who died in the tragic Aurora movie theater shooting.

Flyers Inside Reporter Anthony SanFilippo wrote on the Flyers' website that the internship "will provide a female college student the opportunity to gain experience in the world of digital media surrounding an NHL team."

Redfield (legal name Jessica Ghawi) was covering the Colorado Avalanche before her death.

SanFilippo also writes that many involved in the hockey and sports media communities made donations to a foundation founded by Redfield's family.

The foundation's purpose is to raise scholarship money for female sports journalists.

The Flyers, however, took things further with their new internship.

Flyers President Peter Luukko made a statement that was published in SanFilippo's article.

“Jessica’s family created a scholarship fund to help other aspiring sports journalists to pursue their career,” said Luukko. “We felt the best way to assist with this great cause was to offer an internship of our own to help these prospective recipients gain the real world experience of covering a professional sports team. The goal of the fund is to build futures in her name. It is our intention to assist with that in this manner.”

For those interested, you can read SanFilippo's article on the Flyers' website by clicking here. If you are a woman in college, who is interested in applying for the internship, you can also apply by clicking on the link to the article.

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