Saturday, August 18, 2012

Former Flyer captain gets day with the Cup

August 18, 2012

Saturday was Mike Richards' day with the Stanley Cup.

The former Flyer captain brought the Cup to his hometwon in Kenora, Ontario.

He arrived to his hometwon via boat, where fans were waiting for him to arrive. Hoping to have a chance to meet him and see the Cup in person.

Philip Pritchard (a.k.a. the Keeper of the Cup) tweeted pictures of Richards' day with Lord Stanley. However, I am only posting one, because it is painful for me (and probably many more Flyers fans) to see.

Out of the three pictures that Pritchard posted, this one makes me the least depressed. I don't know, maybe it's the boat or something.

Jeff Carter, Justin Williams, and Simon Gagne are also former Flyers that helped the Los Angeles Kings win this year.

They leave then they win..... Why?

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