Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pronger guarantees delay to season

 September 5, 2012

Chris Pronger has not spoken to the public in months since his season ended from a concussion.

However, Pronger offered his opinion on a now very possible lockout while he was attending a St. Louis Police Foundation luncheon.

James O'Brien of NBC Sports and Christine Byers report that Pronger guaranteed that the 2012-2013 season will not start on time.

This comes as no surprise considering the little progress that has been made between the NHL owners and the NHLPA in reaching a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. Especially with the September 15 deadline rapidly approaching.

But it is surprising that Pronger is offering his opinion to the media, because it has been heavily speculated that the 38 year old won't play at all this upcoming season, or possibly ever again, due to the severity of his concussion.

Pronger is still the Flyers' captain right now, despite his injury and his uncertain future in the league.

Could it be possible that both Pronger and the Flyers know something that we don't?

Is there a chance that Pronger may be able to play this year after all, considering his statement on a possible lockout?

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