Saturday, March 23, 2013

New candidate for best website ever

March 23, 2013

The name of the website is self-explanatory, but is sure to be loved by any Flyers fans or Penguins haters out there.

Sidney Crosby Getting Hit (.com) post images of the not so loved Penguins captain getting knocked down to the ice, with each image surrounded by a nice gold frame.

The website only has five images posted at the moment, but arguably the most important one has already been taken care of.

Claude Giroux hitting Crosby in the opening seconds of game six? Check.

The Flyers will face the Penguins Sunday night in Pittsburgh, following a loss to Tampa Bay that did even more damage to Philadelphia's playoff hopes, and five days off to let it sink in.

The Penguins are currently the top seed in the Eastern Conference and are on an 11-game win streak. The Flyers, meanwhile, are chasing after the eight seed and are in more need of a winning streak as time continues to wind down on the lockout-shortened regular season.

It would be nice if Sunday night's game provided more pictures of Crosby getting checked for the site, but a win against an Atlantic Division rival is definitely a more important focus for the Flyers.

(Credit to Anthony DiDomizio for the tip.)

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